The 2022 Santa Cruz is less costly than the 2023 model year's model.

For the 2023 model year, Hyundai offers the Santa Cruz in five separate trim levels. Prices within the lineup start at little over $27,000 and go up to close to $42,000. 

Over the 2022 model year, one more trim level will be available, while prices will likely rise overall. For comparison, the 2023 Santa Cruz SE will set you back 

$27,035, while the 2022 version will only set you back $25,735. While the gap isn't very wide, it may add up, especially when other options are considered.

The new Night edition's price has been reduced, and it comes equipped with a more powerful engine. The base model comes with a 281 hp, 311 lb-ft 

will be made available in the American version of the vehicle. Ford claims the engine compartment is spacious, so there should be adequate capacity for future electric motor and hybrid options, as reported by Edmunds.