What changes did Ford make for the 2024 Ford Ranger in the United States vs other markets?

U.S. currency has been altered, yet there are still some essential similarities. The new Ranger is closer in line with the worldwide pickup truck in appearance and function than its predecessor.

The chassis and frame rails must be modified to meet American safety standards. Bumper steps in the paneling behind the rear wheels are standard on the global

Ranger but are absent on the American version. In addition, the brake light on international models is situated above the button that opens the trunk.

The powertrains of the two variants are radically different from one another. Ford has revealed three diesel engines for the foreign version of the Ranger, but it is unlikely that these engines 

will be made available in the American version of the vehicle. Ford claims the engine compartment is spacious, so there should be adequate capacity for future electric motor and hybrid options, as reported by Edmunds.